Frequently asked questions

What are the costs of hiring Fuel Collections?

Generally, there are few factors that affect our fee for handling our collection. For amicable colleciton (no court procedures involved), we charge a success fee for amounts that we actually collect for you. Meaning that you will not pay us unless you are paid. This fee it typically 11% to 18% depeding on the amoutn (less than SAR 100k, less than SAR 500K, less than SAR 1 MM or less than SAR 5 million). For non amicable collection, teh fee varies widly dependign on your claim. we are happy to evaluate your claim to provide a meaningful quote for you.

How long does a debt collection process take?

A collection process is affected by many factors - number of accounts, age of the account, type of debt being collected, amount being collected.

Who is Fuel Collection?

Fuel Collection is a premier collection agency in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC. We are a trusted partner with over 35 years of experience in debt collection and receivables management. We are backed by Hammad & Al-Mehdar Law Firm.

What is your collection process?

Typically, each claim undergoes the process steps below: - Claims Acknowledgement - Research and Verification - Reporting and Collection

What are the services that you offer?

We offer services related to collecting your receivable to protect your cashflow and the sustainability of your business. you can learn more about our services here.

Can I assin you multiple cases?

Yes, you can assign us one or many cases. You can also place one case with us and continue to place cases as requried by your business.

What is the minimum debt amount that can be collected?

we do not require any minimum to start collecting your debts.

Can you sue debtors that do not pay?

Yes, one of our advantages that is that we house a well established legal team that will be able to quickly asses your case and make a recommendation to you whether it is worth pursuing legal action. if the case strength and magnitude justifies legal action, we can pursue that action before all competent courts in Saudi Arabia through our alliance law firm.

Fuel Collection is a trusted debt collections agency in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with global partners and the legal backing of Hammad & Al-Mehdar Law Firm.

  • Office 602, 6th Floor Aledad Tower, Al Muntazah, Dammam, 34242, Saudi Arabia

  • King Road Tower, L 12, Office 1209 King Abdulaziz Road, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  • Al Anoud Tower, L 18, Office 1802 King Fahad Road, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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