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Part 3: In House Collection Team

Last time we covered the first tool you have to manage non payment of your client through payment terms. today we will talk about In House Collection Team.

Imagine that you rendered a certain service to your client and they were happy with it can you send them the invoice and the recent it to them but they ignore your messages and reminders about the payment.

This incident can happen to anyone and the following are a number of tools that you should consider as part of your overall organizational collection strategy:

Your organization should have in place a good Collection team that is in charge of overseeing cool amounts receivables as well as the age of the dead and be in charge of collecting such amounts in accordance with the Internal organization policy. the collections team should be vigilant for any red flags the citizen customer may exhibit and ensure notifying internal stakeholders that such customer might pose an increased risk of default and non-payment.

internal collection things follow good practices of monitoring the accounts receivable on weekly bases and notifying the stakeholders off outstanding amounts and the aging of each outstanding amount well flagging the amounts that exceed the organizations policy.

internal collection team should also be tasked to follow up with the clients on a weekly basis reminding them of payment of outstanding amounts. The internal team should also be artful and persuasive to have open dialogues and discussions with the client about the reasons of the non payment and expectation of one the customer is about to release the payment for the due amounts.

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