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What to do if clients do not pay my invoice ( Part 1)

How do you have the client Let’s use your services but refused to pay. Imagine that you rendered a certain service to your client and they were happy with it can you send them the invoice and the recent it to them but they ignore your messages and reminders about the payment.

This incident can happen to anyone and the following are a number of tools that you should consider as part of your overall organizational collection strategy:

1. Payment terms

One of the 1st things that you will have to check the of your payment terms and mechanisms. Or providing a decent service that has a good market demand, You should consider insisting on some sort of a offer a full or partial advance payment. Fixing your advanced payment will push your cash flow pressure relating to attempting to collect your Receivables. It would even allow you to have a sufficient cash flow to pay for the necessities and cover your cost thereby minimizing your losses on the wrong run.

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